Wednesday, September 23, 2009

amazing claycakes

what is claycakes? claycakes is an amazing creation of karla magbanua, so named by it because of the versatility of the chewy "clay" icing used on the cakes which can be moulded into any shape or form. It is made for cool couples who don't take themselves too seriously, a refreshing detour from traditional wedding cake.

i was able to meet karla through wedding fair, and i can say that having claycake will definitely make your day, an added big thing to your big day, what i love with karla is she brainstorm with her client, she translate it to sketch just like a wedding gown, and will make a so fab and yummy cake just for you, only for you.

now lets take a look at her so amazing creations :

cheers for life !

flavor for life !

as for la la love !

the ball and chains !

choir for love !

bringing bora to manila !

the classic contemporary !

my fave "emoticons" !

nuts for each other !

and also my fave "tifanny" for sis abbie, i love buhay !

the set-up is so fab !

meet the creative-amazing-mastermind with disney debut cake : )

i still have more time to decide, i just hope i can have all the money in the world to avail the service of claycakes, how about you? do you like it? : )

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